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Behind the Veil

These paintings are part of a series called Behind the Veil, where I love to explore all the facets and beauty of women. There is so much about women that is compelling and interesting, from a baby girl to the elderly, you can find softness and hardness, the faces will be smooth and young, or wrinkled and aged, with a story to tell all their own. I find great pleasure in trying to tell our stories through my art.

Female Figure
Figurative Abstract, Abused Women

This painting is close to my heart. It speaks of the bondage women endure under domestic violence and abuse.  It is about the turmoil, fear, and indecisiveness of the mind. I paint of courage to stand up, to resist, and most of all to escape with a fearlessness that will see them safely through to a new beginning.

    There will always be poverty, abuse, and ugliness in our world. I don't hold out hope that there is a remedy for it completely, but a cure for many is possible. I do believe the hope comes from the good people that care. The individuals that love and wish for a better world for the abused. The hope comes from a community or the individuals that come to the aid of women facing terror and pain each day of their lives.

     I have heard people remark, why do they stay, or why will they not just leave. Sadly, I have thought the same thing at times. I know from experience there can be a multitude of reasons one cannot or will not walk away. The solutions are as individual to the circumstance as the person, and each has its own set of bars that confine them to their prison of pain. We should never feel superior or condescending in our thoughts, but instead, we must help with respect and solid sources of strength.  But how? That uncertainty I struggle against seems to spew forth in my painting. My thoughts and heart are in a turmoil over the magnitude of the problem. I ache from the grief of knowing words of encouragement didn't help. The heart cries out in pain, for the loss of another mother, another sister or daughter.  The pain of that uncertainty throws a shadow on my soul!

   I have had an ongoing dialogue with the women in this painting. I meant to paint her with anxiety and fear. But she has thoughts of her own that she tries to convey to me. One moment I see a flicker of anxiety. The next a steely determination, and then an uncontrollable hate. Her emotions spin in my mind's eye, one moment she is the abused and the next she becomes the abuser.

    In this painting, my heart longs for a solution. I desire a sunrise and a sunset with days of happiness and escape from the prison of pain for these women. I long to see a smile of contentment on their face, instead of fear and anxiety.  I have no answers!  I just long for a better and brighter existence. Most of all, I wish I could wipe away that veil they hide behind that keeps the pain hidden. That veil of privacy that keeps them in bondage!

Figurative Abstract, Women


Fluttering Doubts

A woman has many days where they doubt themselves and all that they are and do! Society makes us feel that we have to be strong and perfect all the time, which leaves us with a head full of anxiety and worry. I say be the best you can be and no more and let those flutterings of doubt fly away and leave us with acceptance and peace in who we are each day.

Figurative Abstract, Woman

Green Eyes

This painting is influenced by the following poem ,

You look at me with sad green eyes,

I'm overcome with feeling-

Such deep emotions they disguise,

Yet send my senses reeling; They speak to me of loneliness

And feelings unexpressed,

Of hopes and dreams unrealized

And love gone uncaressed; they cry to me of urgency

To experience it all-

But here you are in limbo

With your back against the wall; I wish I had the answers

To the questions they impose-

I'm drowning in those sad green eyes

And the sorrow only grows; If I had one magic wish,

You know what it would be?

To see instead of sad green eyes

Green eyes that smile for me.

Linda Ori

Figurative Abstract, Woman

Hidden Passions

You will find feathers in many of my paintings and each delves into the study and meanings that they represent. The blue feathers in these painting speaks of communication, acceptance, speaking your truth and many other things, but the speaking your truth, is what had the most meaning to me at the time. Hidden Passion is about the inner self, hiding behind a covering for the world to see while inside the true self abides hidden from the world. What a shame to feel as if you can't show your true self to the people you know and the world you live in. 

Figurative Abstract, Woman

Purple Dreams


The meaning or representation of a purple feather is a universal consciousness, a spiritual connection, heightened spiritual growth and experiences, higher thoughts. I thought this most interesting because this painting was a very intuitive undertaking. I had it named before I started and painted with nothing in mind, or so I thought. But the unconscious mind has a way of speaking the truth and we must listen. I still look at this painting and try to see what it was I wanted myself to know. Some I have uncovered but there is more to this painting than meets the eye. She is trying hard to tell me something!

Figurative Abstract, Women, Feathers

 Oh, That I Had Wings,


There are days I wish I could just fly away from the things that hold me down. I wish I had the wings of ambition, success, will power and creativity to bring all my dreams to light. Some days it just seems to all be hidden in a misty cloud I can't get through. I want to soar like the birds!

Acrylic Painting of Women
Skinny Dipping on the Farm

Skinny Dipping On the Farm, hot day, cool pond and no one in sight...why not?

Figurative Abstract, Woman

Not Available /Sold

I have continued to research the different cultures and religions and their use and belief’s concerning feathers. It has been an interesting journey. This painting has been brought about from my own personal experiences of life’s hardships as well as several women I love.The troubles have been different, but the pains of the heart hurt the same. If you look deep into the eyes you will see the strength, the determination of will and spirit. A spirit that doesn’t give in or give up. This painting was created for these women and all women that can find the strength needed to survive. The red feather symbolizes courage, strength, stability and good fortune. Some believe if you find a red feather in your path that angels have sent it as a message of comfort and to let you know how strong you really are!

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