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"Home Is Where the Heart Is", is an old saying but a very true sentiment. Our homes tell our story, it's where our unique and personal styles shine.Whether you are a homeowner furnishing your home or an interior designer looking for those special pieces to round out the decor of a home, an original hand painted floor cloth can be a perfect choice.


My floor cloths can be made with your ideas in mind, designs, motifs, and color to perfectly suit your needs. I can help you put that individual touch to your home that you are striving to achieve. And as any lover of hearth and home knows, quality is very important to you. And so it is to me as an artisan. I strive for the highest quality of craftsmanship in my rugs.


I use a heavyweight canvas duck to ensure stability and flatness in the finished piece. No wrinkles allowed! The back is primed, painted a solid color, and sealed.The front is primed with 3 coats, and the finished artwork is sealed with several coats of the appropriate sealer. The edges are cut, painted and sealed. Unlike some floor cloth designers, I don't hem the edges. This makes for a bit of a hump and over time it shows wear. Instead, I use a technique of cutting the edges and sealing, this keeps the entire rug flat. My floorcloths are extremely durable, flexible, and hold up well in areas of heavy foot traffic. Floorcloths need to be placed on hard surfaces like tile, wood or marble, where they will usually self-adhere to the floor perfectly, but in some situations, where the floor is waxed I can add a no slide coating to the back to make sure it doesn't slide. Canvas floorcloths can last for years and are so simple to clean. Just a quick wipe down with a wet cloth and they are good as new.


Floorcloths are a wonderful addition to any home. A beautiful piece of art that will make your home decor special and unique.

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