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These portraits have all been done using a technique I devised for myself years ago and is still a favorite, all be it a little different from the norm. It is a mixed media technique using color pencil and oil paint (or sometimes acrylics). Surprising to most people when they see them, they can't see where the pencil is used and the paint. The pencil work can have up to thirty layers and becomes so buttery it's hard to tell the difference at times from the paint. But using the oil/acrylic paint gives it a texture and brings life and depth to the piece.

I also take commission work on canvas floor cloths, that I can adapt to your homes color scheme or design preferences. But due to a change in studio size I no longer can do large pieces. I can only do a maximum of 3' x 4' app., or smaller. And of course table runners and place mats.

If you have any questions that I have covered, please include those in the inquiry email and I will then get back to you.

Contact me with your inquiries on portraits or commissioned pieces and I will get back to you asap. Below you will find some samples and information on the type of portraits I mostly do at this time.

© Copyright Sherry Collins Hogan· All Rights Reserved ·