Hide Me In the Shadow of Your Wings

These paintings are a series titled "Hide me in the shadow of your Wings" where I have been exploring the spiritual side of our natures and our personal examinations of God and man. Somewhere along this journey, a feather drifted into my path and the direction of this series was established. You will find feathers in these paintings and each piece delves into the study and meanings of feathers, the color, where they are found, and the history of feathers in the many different cultures and religions.

Feathers, key, flowers, stencils


   Painting in the still of the night, is a quiet time for me, of mind, of surroundings, and my spirit. This is when memories come to mind, without the anxieties of daily life intercepting them. My imagination is free to travel, to reminisce, and let unconscious feelings rise to the surface.


 It was a remembrance of the journeys of my life, my troubled journeys, as well as the happy ones that I painted that night. The collection of those memories, when the dawn came, and the sun rose again, that I realized my life has been full!


Peaceful Reflections

 Peaceful Reflections, the blue feather symbolizes a calm and energizing spirit, a time to think and meditate on the important things of your life's journey. And for me personally the calm that goes with knowing there is a great and wonderful God that covers me with his protection.


Shelter From the Storm


Eagles Wings

Feather, landscape

Feather In the Wind