My art relates to all the wondrous mysteries that I encounter in our world. My inspirations come from stories I have read, tales passed down from families, as well as the hidden secrets, and emotions I feel in individuals, where thoughts and dreams abide. I watch for the unimaginable things in this world, as well.


My passion is in the things I can not see and to examine and truly see the obscure. Sometimes I will see a person's face and speculate on the feelings hidden behind the mask. I contemplate the question, can mermaids truly be living in the sea, and is it possible that fairies could be hiding in the trees. 

I invite you to follow me on my journey of believing and escape into a world of fantasy, a quest of seeking out the truth behind the masks we wear. Will you dare to see, consider, and search for the hidden things? I do because I want to believe in the unbelievable!