A New Beginning

First post on a new blog and a new direction for me. And now I sit here just as though this screen was a bright white new canvas and I am stuck, it's the white canvas syndrome. I can't think of one intelligent or meaningful thing to write about.

Now if it were a canvas for real I would put a background wash on to cover the bright white that can be so scary for an artist at times. Which brings to mind a new technique i have explored in my paintings lately. For years it was just a solid colored background I would lay down, but I have started using two or three colors of late. It has worked for me better than just the one color for my under paintings. Not sure how this can relate to starting a blog at the moment, but since it is laying down of colors as a starting point, I will try to relate this idea to you

A splash of color for an artist can mean so many things, an interpretation of the feelings behind the art, put simply.This will be the basis of my blog. I will share my art, my ups and downs as an artist, and also my techniques, adventures and explorations as and artist.

I am new at this and ask for patience as I learn and get the hang of it, but that too is part of the adventure!

Come along and share the ride with me!

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