Stepping Out of the Box

I've never been in the box, is the comment from a near relative! But as far as my artistic endeavors go I am stepping out in a way. Stepping in to uncharted waters. A place that doesn't feel so safe but at the same time I am full of excitement now each time I pick up a pencil or brush to start a new piece.

I have totally freed myself of all expectations. I let the paint lead me where it wants to go. i told someone asking about the steps I take, or the process I use, that I was letting the painting talk to me. They wanted to know if I talked back...funny people! Of course I talk back!

I will give you a glimpse of the latest painting and still have much to do before it will be finished. It hasn't stopped whispering to me yet. Hey I could be the paint whisperer!

She must have had something to say!

I assume she had something to say and hopefully by the time I finish this painting I will have told her story. I will update you with the finished piece and would love to hear your thoughts on her story!

So until next time, enjoy life and tell your story!


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