I Found a Black Feather...

A soft and leisurely stroll to the studio one day, and the finding of a black feather in my path has brought change into my life as a painter. Now how would one black feather change the way an artist paints you say, but yet that is exactly what happened.

I have chickens on my farm so I see feathers all the time floating about, but this one was different and I suppose that's what caught my eye. It was much larger and of a color, unlike my birds. Feathers are so very beautiful and so I picked it up to looked closer, examined it closely, tucked it in my pocket and strolled on to the barn.

Days before I had a yard full of red birds or Cardinals. I had always heard that red birds were family members that had passed away coming back to visit and let you know they were close. We have many saying like this in the south, but this one on that day had given comfort. I was missing my family. My grandparents, parents and all but one aunt are gone, so on this day, I was grieving from the loneliness. A yard full of red birds just made me feel like, yes they were close. I think this was why I chose to tuck the feather away and keep it. Later I found out why.

The feather kept coming to mind and so, like everyone now I headed to my laptop for some research. And it opened up a whole world of knowledge about the meaning of feathers in religions and cultures of our world.The black feather many believed had a spiritual meaning for me. And so, I was off on an adventure. The feather has become a large part of all my paintings of late and it has turned into a series as I continue on with my exploration into the feather.

The latest piece is starting from a sketch I started as nothing more than a doodle but is evolving into something much more. I have only begun. I wonder where the spirit of the red feather will take me once I start the painting!








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