Making Time's OK to say no!

Making Time For..., a short title with an enormous amount of pressure tacked to the end of the incomplete sentence. The last two months I have been bombarded with these words. Make time for this, make time for that and I tried very hard to do just that. The list of things I felt needed my attention and time grew, but what I failed to realize is there are only so many hours in a day and things started falling off the back end of that list! I refrain from boring you with the circumstances of my life lately that caused the list making, "of things to make time for", simply because mine are no different from any other persons. It's just life! It wasn't until I started feeling my shoulders bunch up and my eyes begin to cross with frustration that I decided it was OK to say NO! on occasion to the list. More importantly and more to the point, my time in the studio had fallen off the back side of the lists. I realized weeks had gone by without any time in the studio. I picked up the list of things to do and just crumpled it up and said no, threw it in the garbage and headed up to the studio to work! The shoulders began to soften and my eyes refocused and now I am feeling much better. As I reflect on the power of the list making, while it serves the purpose of keeping you on track, don't let the important things on the list fall off the back side. My list each day, with the important life enhancing things always at the top of the list. With the exception of the occasionally uncontrollable disturbance of a day called life!

Here are a couple of pictures of the canvas floor cloths I am working on in the studio at present.

Still have hours of work to do yet, but at least the list is sitting quietly in the garbage pail and I am back doing what makes me happy!




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