Artist On the Move!

  I have heard that a death, divorce or moving is some of the most stressful situations in your life. And while death and divorce are pretty obvious, I'm here to tell you so is moving! I've lived on my farm for some years now and my husband and I have decided to down size and minimalize our lives. So we are off to a new location in the city. And we have a large barn full of farming and horse equipment, a large home full of years of living and my huge art studio, and so the packing and thinning out begin. I'm not sure the word stress completely covers the amount of emotions flowing through me in each day. The hardest part I am finding is my studio. How do I let go of that! Downsiziing from a 45'x60' loft space into two  upstairs bedrooms is going to be extremely difficult. What to keep and what to take. Stress,stress and more stress. If only I could box that up and ship it somewhere. 

  This post was just to let you know what is going on, so my absence from my social media spots will be understood. I'm still around and will continue to paint as much as I can, just not as often. I will be back soon.  I am an artist on the move!

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