Do We Need Art in Our Lives?

Do we really need art in our daily lives?

What do you think of when the subject of art comes up? Do you think of the Louvre or your local art gallery? Maybe you have a friend or family member that is artistic and they come to mind. Or the sweet finger painting hanging on the frig, made by your babies. But whether you realize it or not you are surrounded by art and it is part of our everyday experiences. But the big question is, do we need art in our lives?

You might say no, but are you thinking of the art you see in galleries. Maybe you have never visited an art gallery or museum. Art is much more accessible than that and is a vital part of our everyday lives.

Creating art is a primal and natural behavior, just like our language and even laughter. It is instinctive in our makeup as humans to make art. Put very simply, art is a part of who we are. I think we need art because it makes us complete human beings.

I have just managed to erase half of my post I was editing and now it floats about in the sky somewhere laughing at me because I am unable to locate it. I just don't have the energy to try to re-write it either. But maybe it was a good thing. Instead of me trying to convince you with a long post of reasons, I will simply ask you to take notice of how art is a part of your world. Then ask yourself if you could truly live without it. For me, it would be an impossibility! It is a part of everything I do, whether it is my own or the viewing of another artist. The primal and natural behavior that I spoke of is simple, art gives us the power to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas that we could not put into words all the time. Hopefully, I have convinced you by now, that yes art is something we need to make a part of our lives! Whether you choose to create or just experience it, make art a part of your life!

My next post, which I am working on now will give you a glimpse into my world as an artist and how it affected my life and started me on my own journey. And most importantly how it conveyed my emotions and feelings at a time that words failed me and my art saved me!I just realize how utterly boring this post might be too many, even though it had a purpose! If you made it to the end without a tear or a cringe of pain, I will gladly give you a 25% discount on anything you care to purchase from my website. Brave souls should be rewarded!!


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