Tales of a Mermaids Tail

I have started a new series of paintings titled, Dare To Believe. I thought you might be interested in the direction it will go. If you have been following my work at all; you will recall the series about feathers and the occurrence that brought it to be. There always seem to be a catalyst that gets my imagination going. The fact that I have never truly grown up inside makes it quite easy to step out of this world of being an adult. .Childhood was a magical time for me. I believed in the unbelievable!. I could hear the trees talking to me, the wind sang to me, and the clouds drew beautiful pictures, just for me. I spent hours hunting for four-leaf clovers, and I truly believed, they just waited for me to come, and find them.

Truth be told, I haven't changed much! I just keep my thoughts to myself, because I'm sure I am too old for fairy tales. But wait, I believe in fairy tales!

My childishness will lay dormant as the grown-up world surrounds me and I am a level-headed adult. Anything at all can spark that child to surface again, and my joy of believing begins anew! Quietly maybe, but my inner child is there, just below the surface, waiting. This time, the spark was a TV show I accidentally watched while relaxing. It was about a couple who believed in fairies, the little people, and much more. I was hooked and thoughts of house cleaning, bill paying, and dirty dishes fell by the wayside. These were my kind of people!

And here was my inspiration for the next series of paintings. I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to start but assumed the painting would speak to me soon enough, and then the sweet mystery of my believing would show itself. And it did! Before I knew it, I was swimming in the ocean with mermaids, free as I could be! The waters engulfed me with the soft sweet feel of a briny sea. Whales swam with me as I tried to catch the tail of a mermaid. I could hear the songs of the whale singing to her, calling her back to us. But the soul of a mermaid can't be caught. She looked back at me as she swam off into the deep with a soft, sweet and mysterious smile on her face.

There are so many tales and folklore of mermaids in the past, recorded and documented. Books, movies, art, and comics are full of them. Mermaids may be ancient stories, but the tales have stayed the course of time. Many believe, and many don't. As for me, I could feel the soul of the mermaid as I painted, and I swam with her! My next visit to the ocean, you can believe, I will be watching the waves for a glimpse of the mermaid I played with today!

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