The Start of a New Year

Will I do it right this time? Always a question at the back of my mind. Like so many, we start a new year with resolutions, hopes and some trepidation of what it will bring to us.

Many years have been much the same for me, work, family and responsibilities of that sort. So I have never given resolutions or the coming new year too much thought. But this year is different for me. Not so much as far as making resolutions, but in the fact that my life has changed and my artwork and business finally has moved to the forefront of my thoughts and wishes for the coming year.

I have actually set goals up for myself to reach each month. Financial goals as well as the ongoing goal of many artists to improve and expand. Not only has my techniques and style of art changed in a new direction, but my thoughts and feelings about why I paint have gelled into a tangible thing, a place to go, a place to feel at home. I finally found the reason behind the majority of my paintings, it's the mysteries I see behind the everyday. It's the unknown, the unseen, and the hidden things of life. Those mysteries that are only found by searching and sometimes just believing or more importantly taking the time to look deeply into a thing. I adore doing small portraits of babies and children, where those eyes take center stage. So many times I've looked at a little one and wondered, what are they thinking. Sometimes those eyes tell the story and sometimes they hold secrets that we adults will never know. And sadly, they too will lose those thoughts as they grow up. I've always felt the little ones are still connected to a spirit, the spirit of God if you will and slowly the world takes the connection away. It becomes lost in maturity.

As a child, I believed in mermaids, fairies, treasures at the end of the rainbow. I believed the trees talked to me and that I had a kindred spirit with them. Four leaf clovers waved at me from the ground and played with me as I searched them out. And of course, there were the ghosts and goblins that surfaced in my nightmares. The devils and evil that brought fear. I believed in many mysteries as a child. As an adult, I refuse to let go of those mysteries that bring wonder into our lives.

So for now and this new year, while I have taken on the behavior of an adult in the business sense of creating artwork and selling, my heart and mind will continue to paint the dream and explore the unbelievable things of life.

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