A Passion for Pencils

Were you one of those children that adored buying pencils at the beginning of a new year of school? Buying school supplies were the best. And now, buying art supplies, even better. There are a few items I just have a passion for and that is sweaters, shoes, and pencils. I need them in every style and color. For this post, I will only discuss my love of pencils. Aren't you glad? I could lose your interest with a spill on my love of sweaters and shoes. Oh, but I did see some dress shoes that an artist created with paint spatters all over them...someday they will be in my closet! I bet you thought I was talking about sneakers! No, I have a closet full of those designer beauties I create on my on in the studio! These pretties are from Poshmark.

But, I'm getting off subject here. I suppose being an artist my love of pencils wouldn't seem strange to anyone, just a natural occurrence. But I have hundreds of pencils. Color pencils, drawing pencils, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, and charcoal pencils to name a few. Many of which I only use on occasion, but my favorite is color pencils. Probably due to all the beautiful colors. Do you have any idea how many brands and types of color pencils there are? Oh my! And it is my goal in life to try them each and every one! I find also that it isn't just the colors, but also the feel and texture of a pencil that causes me ecstasy. I have a drawing pencil that is wood-less and is smooth as silk in my hands and oh how I adore this pencil! Just picking it up makes me happy. By this point, I'm sure you think I am a little bit wacko! I probably have over 200 color pencils in my studio of different brands. The one brand I have the most of is a Prismacolor pencil. I've been using them for years and years, and still, love them. I use them all the time in the studio and love to take them with me on travels. But that is a lot of pencils to organize and especially to take on trips. Which brings me to the real story. My oldest son bought me a pencil holder for Christmas. Man oh man is it pretty! It's colorful with a beautiful artsy design. I just fell in love with it. When I opened my present Christmas, everyone oohed and awed over it at first until I unzipped it and all they saw was black dividers and they lost interest, of course. But not me, I saw the possibilities of finally organizing my stash and the joy of being able to travel with them all, instead of just a select few. I fell in love with this immediately. I just couldn't be happier with this product.

A beautiful home for my loved pencils. If any of my artist friends are in need of a great travel and organization bag here it is. I give it a big thumbs up! This is sold by Qianshan called, wanna be a dreammaker. That name even suits me. As you can see once I put my pencils in, it became a thing of beauty as well as practical.

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