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I begin my pieces from an emotion, a memory or something that moves me in a way that causes my spirit to soar. The twisting and twirling of a tree limb as it touches the sky, the sight of a horse running in a storm, or the simple soft curve of a baby’s cheek will send me racing to my paints and canvas in hopes of catching the excitement I've just experienced.


As I paint, I hover between a conscious and unconscious state, putting my emotions to canvas. A most exhilarating state of mind. Some paintings come to me in my dreams at night, those unconscious thoughts and feelings rise, and I can do nothing more than try to duplicate it on a canvas. Each painting is a journey filled with emotions, observations, explorations, intuition, and much thought. The act of creating art is uncontrollable!


As I have progressed with my artistic endeavors, in my later works, the paint tells me what the painting will become. I have slipped into a very spontaneous approach to my art. A more intuitive way of painting.  I still work in a representational way at times, even mixing the abstract with the realism of a figure.


As an artist I always hope that my art will bring an emotion when viewed, some sensation, good or bad, as long as it makes your imagination soar as mine does when I put paint to canvas.