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A Walk in the Garden

This series of paintings, A Walk in the Garden is all about my love of nature and especially flowers. I have a love of gardening that is next to my love of art in strength. It pulls me out into the yard every spring with hands that itch to dig in  the dirt and an impatience to see those first blooms arrive. I started this series in the winter when the light was dim and the sun hid from me. My flowers lay dormant and so did my soul. So I brought it back with each and every painting I finished. It was spring once more and my sun began to shine again.

Blue Skies and Blooms
Rainbow Delight
Dancing In the Moonlight
Summer Storm
Blooms of White
Light In My Garden
Blooms of Red
Blooms on the Hill
Red and Yellow Pansies
Oranges on the Table
Sunshine on My Table