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Daring to Believe


This series of paintings pertains to all the wondrous mysteries we encounter in this world, the stories we read or the tales passed down from grandparents and storytellers. Do we dare to believe or is it just fantasy?  Are there truly mermaids in the sea, can there possibly be fairies hiding in the trees?  Do we dare to see, believe or search for the mysteries of this world that could bring delight and joy to the daily realities of life?

I am in search of that time when I was a child and so many things were possible. A time where I found mystery and excitement around every path. So my journey is to retreat to the imaginations of my childhood and to search for the truth, to see again as I did in years past. Because I want to believe in the unbelievable!!

Mermaid's Tale
Rainbow Eucalyptus
Magician’s Hat
In Search of the Lost City