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Dare To Believe

This series of paintings pertains to all the wondrous mysteries we encounter in our world, the stories we read, or the tales passed down from grandparents and storytellers. Do we dare to believe, or is it just fantasy? Are there truly mermaids in the sea, can there possibly be fairies hiding in the trees? Do we dare to believe and search for those mysteries that could bring delight and joy to the daily realities of life?


I am in search of the times when I was a child when so many things were possible. A place where I found mystery and excitement around every corner. So my journey into this series of paintings is to retreat to the imaginations of my childhood. I search for the extraordinary things in life. To see again as I did in years past. Because I want to believe in the unbelievable!

Abstract in Blues
Ocean, City,Blues
Abstract, Blues and Greens
Moon, blue, Moonlight

Whispers Of Light

Moonlight, blues, flowers

Secrets In the Moonlight

Everyone I suppose at one time has looked up to the night sky and watched the moon shining overhead. Depending on our frame of mind at the time, its luminescence will whisper to us of memories and thoughts, of things wished for, or times passed. The moon affects each of us subtly and mysteriously. It influences our subconscious thoughts and impressions and whispers to us with its soft language of the night.

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