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Artist Bio

Sherry Collins Hogan is a versatile painter who works in oils, acrylics, color pencils, and watercolors. Her artwork is both abstract and figurative. Many paintings are mixed media. Her first attempts at mixed media occurred when she began using a unique combination of color pencils and oil paints for her portraits. As she began her journey into the world of abstraction, the idea of mixed media art surfaced again. Sherry's paintings developed into works that contained abstract as well as realistic components. Later, this form of painting became influenced by Richard Burlet an abstract figurative artist and Gustav Klimt's art.
Always a working artist, the necessities of life forced other jobs into her life at times. But luckily they always contained some aspect where she could use her artistic abilities. As a paraprofessional in elementary schools, her greatest joy was teaching art in the classrooms. Sherry also worked as an artist in residence. Later Sherry went to work in the framing industry where she began an apprenticeship in the techniques of art restoration. During this period of such highly detailed work, portraits became the main source of her artistic endeavors. Sherry later opened a store of her own, where she offered picture framing, art supplies, and an art gallery. This was the turning point for her art, from the tight and detailed painting of art restoration and portraits to a more expressive form of art. Managing her store with art supplies coming in routinely gave her the means a lot of exploration into different mediums and techniques.  While she still does portraits in the technique she fell in love with, she now works mostly with abstract and mixed media techniques. Portraits and abstract art seems to be a passion for her now.
Sherry studied graphic Design (commercial art) at Chattanooga State but quickly found it wasn't fulfilling as an artist. There were life drawing classes and painting classes in this degree, and it soon became apparent that fine art was her path fo follow. Sherry went on to take several workshops and met an artist who became her teacher-mentor for a year and helped with the decision to stay with fine art. Other than this short period Sherry has been a self-taught artist. She has been exploring, learning and creating ever since. She has exhibited regionally, where she received awards and accolades over the years for her works. Sherry has participated in solo and group shows, art galleries, as well as festivals. Her artworks can be found in many private collections in Ga, Tn, Ky, SC, NC, Ohio, and Florida.
 A look at Sherry's art reveals a great deal about the shy and introverted artist's passions and her life. Besides her creative artistic side, Sherry is a gardener, a lover of nature and is always fascinated by the unexpected mysterious things of life. These aspects of her character show up in all her work. Her latest works reveal a strong desire to capture the quiet and inner strengths of women. In her abstract pieces, you will see a child-like approach to the subject matter, where fantasy and mystery will appear.
While each piece of art speaks for itself, when seen in the context of the artist's background, character, and chosen techniques, it gains a degree of vitality and significance that indicates the true measure of the work.


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